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Infrared Heating Technologies Delivers Furnace To Drill Bit Manufacturer

Infrared Heating Technologies designed, built, and installed a Electric Drop-Bottom Batch Furnace And Control System to The Morris Wood Tool Company, Inc., a manufacturer of carbide drill bit tooling. The 28.8KW electric infrared furnace system features a drop-bottom rail system for ease of loading and fuzzy logic adaptive tuning programmable process and temperature control. The system is capable of selectively drawing drill bit shanks without reducing the hardness of the cutting end of the tooling in extremely short heat cycles (less than 5 minutes from a cold start). The system has a maximum temperature capability of 2000oF, and can be used for drawing, hardening, brazing, and other applications.  

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Infrared Die Pre-Heater™ Sales

Infrared Heating Technologies shipped several Infrared Die Pre-Heaters to Doktas, a large aluminum high pressure die casting company in Turkey.Infrared Die Pre-HeaterTM between die halves inside high pressure aluminum die cast machine. The Infrared Die Pre-HeaterTM heats much faster, more efficiently, and with better uniformity than a standard electric or gas infrared die heater.

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Infrared Boot Heater™ Eliminates Ergonomics Problem

Infrared Heating Technologies delivered 6 single and 2 double heat zone Infrared Boot Heaters TM to Delphi Automotive Steering Systems in Athens, Alabama. The Infrared Boot Heater TM is an electric infrared heater and control system designed to heat thermoplastic and polymer boots for applications requiring placement of the boots on steering assemblies, CV joints, etc. The Infrared Boot Heater TM heats and expands the boot in a matter of 4-5 seconds. This slight expansion virtually eliminates the force required to install the boot. The subsequent cooling of the boot then makes a better seal than if the boot had been forced on without the application of heat. The response from the assembly line employees that have used this product has been extremely positive. In many cases, ergonomics problems have been virtually eliminated and production has increased.   "The Infrared Boot Heater TM virtually eliminates the force required to install the boot. This reduction in force results in the elimination of the ergonomics problem associated with placing the boot on the steering assembly." Director of Research and Development, Delphi Automotive Steering Systems.

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Infrared Heater Reduces Cycle Time For Teflon Joining

Infrared Heating Technologies recently delivered and installed a custom designed and manufactured Infrared Heater and Power Supply/Controls System to Siebe Automotive in Knoxville, TN. The 10 KW water-cooled electric-infrared system features an automated temperature ramp, hold, and internal air quench for joining Teflon-based materials for sensor applications. The system is able to join a full range of part sizes without any furnace tooling change. Also, the Infrared System joins the parts in less than 1/4 the time required previously in conventional resistive furnaces, and is "on" only when a part is present leading to substantial savings in energy usage.   Infrared Heating Technologies manufactures a full line of industrial thermal processing systems including infrared conveyor belt ovens, infrared tunnel ovens, infrared heaters, infrared dryers, convection ovens, combination ovens, batch ovens, batch furnaces, on-line furnaces, tube furnaces, and several other specialty systems custom designed for specific heating applications. Tell us about your application and ideal process profile and let Infrared Heating Technologies show you how to achieve it efficiently and reproducibly.

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