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Industrial Ovens & Furnace Systems

Infrared Heating Technologies’ industrial ovens, heaters, and furnaces systems have been successfully implemented in a wide variety of thermal processing applications. Our industrial furnace and oven systems have succeeded in applications varying from low temperature heat expansion of thermoplastics to high volume, high temperature heat treat oven for strip steel.

We also manufacture standard and custom heater, oven, and furnace systems based on a variety of heating technologies. Heating technologies include Electric Infrared (Shortwave, Medium Wave, and Long Wave Infrared), Electric Convection, Electric Infrared / Convection Combination, Gas Catalytic Infrared, Direct Fire Gas, Gas Convection, Electric Silicon Carbide, Electric Resistive Rod, and much more.

Infrared Heating Technologies has the industrial oven solution you’re looking for. From original design concept to 3-D CAD drawings to final assembly and run off, we provide the right solution for your heat processing needs.

Types of Industrial Ovens