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Industrial Conveyor Oven and Furnace Systems

Infrared Heating Technologies manufactures industrial conveyor oven and conveyor furnace systems based on infrared, infrared/convection combination, electric infrared, direct fire gas, gas convection, and electric convection heating. Processes including drying, stress relieving, tempering, annealing, curing, and preheating.

Combination Infrared / Convection Conveyor Belt Industrial Oven systems combine short wave or medium wave infrared heating elements with re-circulation blowers; offering the fast and controllable heating of radiant heat with the process stability and temperature uniformity of convention. Advantages of these combination infrared conveyor oven systems include smaller physical size, higher efficiency, better temperature control, and reduced capital and operating costs.

Infrared Heating Technologies also manufactures standard electric, direct fire gas, and convection conveyor oven and belt furnace systems.

Conveyor oven and furnace systems are available in nearly every size, power, and temperature capability to meet your thermal processing requirement.

Capabilities: We offer a wide variety of standard and custom conveyor oven and conveyor furnace systems for almost every heat processing application. We also provide automation, cooling tunnel sections, water quench systems, and other related industrial oven and furnace options.

Heat Sources: Conveyor oven and conveyor furnace systems are available in a variety of heat sources including electric infrared and gas catalytic infrared, infrared / convection combination, direct gas fire, gas fired convection, electric, and other heat sources best suited to your process.

Infrared / Convection Combination Industrial Conveyor Oven Systems: These Industrial furnace Systems utilize short wave or medium wave electric infrared heating elements with convective re-circulating blowers or axial fan mixers fans for both radiant infrared and convection assisted heating. Advantages of combination heating systems include smaller size, greater efficiency, greater temperature control, and reduced initial investment and operating costs.

Conveyor Belt Types: Our industrial conveyor oven and furnace systems are available with flat wire belts, mesh belts, chain conveyors, and others.