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We specialize in custom industrial ovens and furnaces.

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  Infrared Heating Technologies’ Automated Continuous Belt System and Power Supply/Controls System coupled to a rolling mill at a large foil manufacturing company. Foils are automatically loaded, annealed, and unloaded at a production rate of 15-20 feet per minute. The user reduced the number of required passes through a rolling mill to achieve gauge on an intermetallic alloy by 40%.
“We are very pleased with the performance of the infrared-based heating system and its benefit in reducing the number of rolling passes”, Manager, Research and Development.




Infrared Spring Stress Relieve Oven and Power Supply/Controls System. 15 feet long by 4 feet wide Infrared Conveyor Oven designed and manufactured for In-Line Stress Relieving of large garage door extension springs. This all electric infrared system features dual PID/Fuzzy Logic Adaptive Tuning control heat zones, all stainless steel constructed hearth and belt, adjustable belt speed, and a production throughput rate of 1,000 lbs/hr. Springs stress relieved in the Infrared On-Line Oven System perform (in cycle and load tests) as well or better than those stress relived using a standard batch oven process.





8′ high x 6′ wide x 28′ long Infrared Curing Oven for curing large powder-   coated seating structures. This 300KW system has two control zones and includes a 48″ turn radius right turn and hood structure to accommodate the customer’s current overhead conveyor system and floor plan layout.The system uses T3 lamp based heating elements and is completely modular in design. Integrated heating panels can be added or removed in 48″ length increments. The interior features 1″ of IR reflective fiber board insulation for low heat loss and high efficiency.These Infrared Curing Ovens are available in nearly any size to match your part size and production throughput requirements.





Multi-Zone Infrared Pre-Heat System during final testing/run-off at Infrared Heating Technologies’ facilities. This 100KW system features a total heat zone size of 12′ length by 3′ height, four independent temperature control zones, and a maximum temperature capability of 1200oF.  The system is completely modular with eight (8) independently removable panels and accommodations for side loading and/or overhead conveyor loading of parts. The system is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications including pre-heating, curing, annealing, and others.





 Custom designed and manufactured 250KW, 48″ x 96″ heat zone, Infrared On-Line Heater And Power Supply/Control System. The system was designed, manufactured, and installed inside the customer’s rolling mill facility by Infrared Heating Technologies two weeks ahead of delivery schedule at the request of the purchaser.The user immediately cut the cost of hot rolling an aluminum alloy with the addition of The Infrared On-Line Furnace And Power Supply/Control System.”Prior to in-line heating we were processing the aluminum composite from a resistance heated air furnace in a batch-wise manner. Our cycle time for a customer batch was 8 days. The product was also inconsistent in frictional properties during rolling resulting in low yield. We needed a method to improve consistency and decrease our delivery times. We looked at induction heating, direct gas fired heating and quartz infrared. We chose in-line infrared by Infrared Heating Technologies because the system was industrially robust, simple to operate, and it easily met our process improvement demands. Process times were decreased from 8 days to 4 days with yields improved from 70% to 80%.” Thomas R. Muth, Technical Manager, Manufacturing Sciences Corporation, A BNFL Inc. Company.


 Infrared Heating Technologies’ Infrared Tube Furnace and Power Supply System. A large steel heat-treating facility uses this system placed in series with a linear feed material handling system and polymer quench to harden and temper steel on a continuous feed. The Infrared Tube Furnace is a high power radiant furnace offering fast and uniform heating for a variety of processes. These systems offer large production throughput capacity in a small heat zone length. High production throughput rates are accomplished with the system’s rapid start-up time and high burn-temperature filaments leading to faster heating. The uniform heat flux of the Infrared Tube Furnace leads to extremely uniform heating profiles in the processed material. Also, part size and configuration is not critical. A single Infrared Tube Furnace Heat Zone can uniformly heat a variety of different part sizes and configurations.



 Infrared Heating Technologies’ Pre-Heat System used for pre-heating PVC square tube prior to blow molding into spindle. The system feature four modular panels with dual control zones for fast and uniform heating.






Infrared Heating Technologies’ Continuous Belt Muffle Furnace. This electric infrared furnace has a maximum temperature capability of 2000oF and features an Inco 600 muffle heated from both top and bottom for uniformity with a high temperature 35-19CB belt with a variable speed drive. These systems are available with inert and reducing atmosphere coverage and can be used for several low and high temperature applications including soldering, brazing, sintering, hardening, annealing, and stress relieving. Systems are available in a variety of sizes and temperature ranges to meet your specifications.




R&D Infrared Systems

Infrared Heating Technologies
Systems include conveyor belt, batch, vacuum, atmospheric, and others. All systems feature extremely fast heating and cool down and outstanding temperature and process control for fast and precise heating runs.






Infrared Vacuum Furnace, 170 KW, 12 inch diameter by 25 inch long heat zone. Designed and manufactured for the experimental group at a large filter manufacturer for vacuum and controlled atmosphere sintering and joining.The Infrared Heating Technologies Infrared Vacuum Furnace uses radiant heating filaments to heat parts in vacuum and/or protective atmosphere. The system offers very short cycle times and is specifically designed for experimental small parts vacuum batch processing.





 Infrared Vacuum Furnace. This 60 KW, water and air cooled system features dual control zones, a loading/unloading rail system, full vacuum and atmospheric control capabilities, and a maximum temperature of 2400oF. The system was designed and manufactured for the experimental group at The Department of Energy Y-12 Weapons Facility.






 Infrared Vacuum Furnace. This water and air cooled system features a rail loading/unloading system, full vacuum and atmospheric control capabilities, and a maximum temperature of 2600oF. The system is in use at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Materials Processing Group.