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Infrared Heating Technologies designs and manufactures both standard and custom industrial ovens, furnaces, and heaters, offering complete turn-key solutions to your heat processing needs.

Car Bottom Batch Industrial Furnace

Pre-heat furnace for large Titanium forging dies.

IHT has specialized in designing, engineering, and manufacturing standard and custom industrial ovens systems for over 25 years. IHT oven and furnace systems are designed and manufactured to our customer’s unique application, process requirements, available energy source, and budget.  Whether you’re looking for an industrial conveyor oven, drying oven, curing oven, walk-in oven, batch oven, or any other type of heat-processing system, Infrared Heating Technologies has the manufacturing experience and engineering expertise to meet your most demanding needs.

Composite Cure Batch Oven Infrared

Infrared Composite Cure Oven


Our systems are manufactured based on several different heating technologies, including gas infrared, electric infrared, electric and gas convection, and an infrared/convection combination. Whatever your application may be, we can help you find the right thermal processing solutions. 

IHT engineers work with our customers from original concept to CAD, electrical and mechanical drawings to fabrication, and final testing and run-off.

We regularly work with a variety of industries, including appliance, automotive, aerospace, building materials, composites, energy, pharmaceutical, textile, and more. IHT would be happy to work with you to find the best thermal processing system for your industry’s needs.

Centrally located in East Tennessee, we have full sheet metal, structural metal, machining, welding, electric panel fabrication, CAD design, PLC programming, and testing facilities on site. This in house approach allows us to provide the most comprehensive solution to your heat processing needs. 

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