Date:January 13, 2017

Convection Ovens

Convection Oven

IHT manufactures various types of industrial convection ovens including electric and gas fired electric. Convection ovens work by transferring or circulating heated air from the heat source to the material/product. Industrial convection ovens are ideal for pre-drying, drying, baking, and curing materials. IHT convection ovens are an excellent choice when high consistent curing or drying of a product is needed. In general convection type ovens will provide a slower more gentle type heat to a material.

Applications include:

Curing powder coatings Annealing wire and other material Drying adhesives Pre-heating coil and strip Drying solvent and water based coatings Thermoforming Drying parts ... and much more

Gas Fired Batch Convection Walk In Oven