Thermoplastic Annealing Oven

Flat flex conveyor belt oven utilizing three zones of near infrared and convection heat.

Infrared Heating Technologies recently designed, manufactured, tested, shipped, and installed, a far infrared electric infrared and convection combination oven and control system for annealing PMMA and ABS thermoplastic parts for a major automotive supplier of instrument panel components. The process consists of heating the plastic parts post the extrusion forming process. The oven includes three zones of far infrared electric heaters with heating from below and above the conveyor. A plug/plenum blower mounted inside a distributed hole-pattern plenum in the roof of the oven is implemented for convection assisted mixing and heat transfer. The system includes a variable speed stainless steel flat-flex conveyor belt system with a Teflon cladded support belt slider system.

The oven includes independent SCR and PID temperature control of the three zones, and factory mutual approved over temperature limit controls for each zone. All heater elements are accessible and easily changed from the outside of the oven. The oven includes access doors along the entire length of the heat zone and an integrated exhaust port with damper. The system is available with standard digital temperature and variable speed controls and with optional PLC and HMI touch screen controls for recipe generation and selection.

Infrared Heating Technologies manufactures a wide variety of custom heater, oven, and furnace systems for specific processes. Heating technologies include short wave electric infrared, medium wave electric infrared, long wave infrared, electric convection, gas fired convection, Silicon Carbide, Rod Over-Bend (ROB), and others. Infrared Heating Technologies manufacturing facility is located at 2010 HWY 58, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, and all custom heater, oven, and control systems are manufactured in the USA. Call (865) 574-9784 to speak with an applications engineer or email info@infraredheating.com with your specific machine and process requirements.



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