Industrial Muffle Furnace

Infrared Heating Technologies recently designed and manufactured an electric muffle furnace for a proprietary heat-treating process. The in-line heat treat furnace consists of four (4) individual heat zones with top and bottom heating. A special Carpenter 20 alloy muffle is included for gas containment and product support through the hearth. Four (one per heat zone) stainless alloy axial mixers are included for mixing the inert gas inside the muffle.  Pre-heated inert gas is introduced at each of the four axial mixers and forced down into the furnace muffle through the axial fan. The axial fan insulation plug seals on the top of the hearth muffle for gas containment. A chain conveyor with tensioning system and variable speed control are included for pulling material through muffle hearth. Vestibule ends with integrated exhaust hoods are included for capturing and exhausting any excess heat and burn-off from the product. All heater elements are accessible and easily changed from the outside of the furnace and include perforated covers for heat dissipation.

The furnace controls includes independent SCR power, PID temperature control, and factory mutual (FM) approved over-temperature limit controls for each of the four furnace heat control zones. The temperature and drive controls include communications for interfacing with the customers’ existing controls system. The four (4) alloy axial blade mixing fans include Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for variable speed control of the fans.

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