• Stack IR Composite Industrial Furnace Thermoplastic Forming
    Composite Stack Furnaces
    Infrared stacked industrial furnaces for heat forming composites.
  • Stator Laminations Cure Oven and Cooler
    Infrared Convection Conveyor Oven
    Industrial infrared convection combination conveyor oven and cooler for curing coating on generator stator laminations.
  • Roller Conveyor Flat Glass Industrial Cure Oven Cooler
    Roller Hearth Industrial Oven
    Roller hearth oven for curing coating on flat glass.
  • Infrared Composite Cure Batch Oven
    Composite Cure Tunnel Oven
    Twenty zone medium wave infrared industrial cure oven for prepreg mold heating.
  • Infrared Convection Conveyor Belt Oven
    Industrial Conveyor Oven
    Three zone industrial infrared conveyor belt cure oven.
  • Glass Drying Curing Conveyor Oven Furnace Cooler Closed Position
    Flat Glass Conveyor Oven
    Three zone flat glass roller conveyor oven cooler and controls.
  • Inner Door Mastic Conveyor Oven and Cooler
    Mastic Oven and Cooler
    Industrial oven, cooler, and controls for heat forming and adhesion of mastic.

Industrial Oven

Infrared Heating Technologies designs and manufactures custom industrial oven and furnace systems, offering complete turn-key solutions to your heat processing needs. From standard ovens to experimental, to large scale custom infrared and convection ovens, IHT has the engineering experience to manufacture a wide range of industrial thermal processing systems. IHT engineers work with you, the customer, from original concept to CAD, electrical and mechanical drawings to fabrication and final testing and run-off.

  • Quality Built Industrial Oven & Furnace Systems
  • Standard and Custom Oven Designs
  • Made In The USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Product Testing Available

Custom Engineered Industrial Oven and Furnace Systems

Our custom oven, heater, and furnace systems are designed and built to the customers’ exact specifications and heat processing requirements. See examples of these products in our photo gallery to view the wide range of industrial heat processing systems we offer and have manufactured for our clients. We are an industry leader in designing one of a kind custom ovens and heat treat furnaces. Our oven systems are quality built, turn-key, efficient, low maintenance and meet our customer’s most demanding heat processing applications.

Customer review…”My experience with Infrared Heating Technologies has been very positive and both of the ovens have exceeded my expectations.”

Give us a call to discuss your thermal processing requirements: 865-574-9784 or take a moment and complete our Request A Quote form.

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Custom, High Quality Industrial Ovens, Furnaces & Heaters

IHT A Look InsideFor over 20 years IHT has specialized in designing, engineering, and manufacturing standard and custom ovens, heat treat furnaces, infrared heaters, and control systems. We design, engineer, and manufacture heat processing equipment based on our customer's specific application and process requirements. Located in a 30,000 square foot facility in East Tennessee, IHT has full sheet metal, structural metal, machining, welding, electric panel fabrication, CAD design, PLC programming, and testing facilities to provide the most comprehensive solution to your heat processing needs. Learn more about IHT and our company capabilities by clicking the video on the right.


Custom Industrial Ovens & Furnaces

If your product or parts require heat processing, let us design, engineer, and manufacture a custom oven or heat treat furnace to your exact process specifications.

Heating Technologies

We manufacture systems based on a several heating technologies including electric infrared, gas infrared, electric and gas convection, and infrared/convection combination heating to name a few.
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Types Of Industries Served

We manufacture batch ovens, conveyor ovens, tunnel ovens, heat treat furnaces, and many other types of heat processing systems for several industries including appliance, automotive, aerospace, energy, pharmaceutical, textile, and more.
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Industrial Oven Processes

We manufacture custom ovens and furnaces for a number of processes including aging, annealing, brazing, drying, curing, forming, powder coat, paint, preheating, stress relieving, sintering, soldering, and more.

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Medium wave electric infrared convection combination industrial conveyor oven, spray quench, and controls system.

Electric Infrared Convection Oven – Heat Setting Fuel Lines

  IHT recently manufactured an electric infrared convection oven and water spray quench system
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Two zone electric convection slat conveyor industrial oven, cooler, and controls system. Process is heat proofing automotive air bag initiators.

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