Flattening Furnace

Aluminum Processing Batch OvenInfrared Heating Technologies manufactures batch ovens for sheet flattening applications.

Above: The pictured system was designed for flattening rolled aluminum alloy sheet and features a large 48″ wide by 36″ high x 16′ long heat zone. Heating is ROB heating elements with a re-circulation plug blower for fast heating and outstanding temperature uniformity. The system is fully automated from the programmable logic controller touch screen.

Features of Flattening Furnaces

  • ROB Heating Elements
  • High Density Brick Hearth
  • Plug Re-circulation Blower For Temperature Uniformity
  • Hydraulic Lift-Up Design For Ease Of Loading
  • Fully Automated Process Through PLC Touch Screen
  • SCR Power Control
  • PID/Fuzzy Logic Temperature Control


  • Flattening
  • Annealing

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