Infrared Heating Technologies Reviews

Our engineers and staff at IHT make customer satisfaction a top priority! We work closely with our customers from initial inquiry to full implementation of your industrial oven system.

From our satisfied customers…

Infrared Heating Technologies ReviewsIHT did an outstanding job in understanding our application and specifications by conducting testing at their facility. IHT then delivered a working system that meets and exceeds our expectations. The oven system manufactured by IHT has now been in operation for over a year now without any issues. I find Charles  Blue and his team to be trustworthy and am pleased to have worked with them on this project. I look forward to working with them on any future projects that will require their skills and expertise.

Ali Khalili,  Senior Project Engineer
Federal Mogul Powertrain

Rob Mayer photoInfrared Heating designed and built innovative furnaces for QC Forge that have proven to be rugged and cost effective, providing end results superior to the gas fired alternatives. A complete P/M on a furnace, including renewal of heating elements and replacement of the wear and tear items can be accomplished by two of our maintenance technicians on one shift. Furnace start up is nearly instantaneous and job change over is a simple matter of changing settings on the control panel. The advantage over our induction systems is that there are no additional coil change, concerns with capacitors, SCRs, IGBTs, line interference or a fluid cooling loop. The IR systems simply get up and go, day after day.

Rob Mayer, President Queen City Forging Co.

 My experience with having Infrared Heating Technologies LLC has been very positive and both of the ovens have exceeded my expectations. We have had IHT manufacture both infrared and conventional high velocity air ovens which are used to manufacture aluminum metal matrix composite materials. The process temperature windows to produce our products have a very narrow temperature window and the heat-up rates are higher than the specification that we specified for the equipment.

I would highly recommend IHT since their engineering staff is very talented and we have achieved the return on our investment since the ovens perform great every day with very little maintenance and production downtime!

Tom Haynes  VP Holtec International

 Infrared Heating Technologies has been a pleasure to work with since call one. They were very prompt to answer any questions I had and offered recommendations when I wasn’t sure. I was never left uncertain about anything with the project from conception to completion. The oven I purchased has been working great for almost a year now and the craftsmanship is exceptional.  I had one faulty water valve and after a brief conversation a new valve was at my shop in two days. They are very customer oriented to say the least. I am very pleased with the professionalism and courteousness I received and will definitely use them again for my next purchase! A+++

Greg May  AMI Hose, LLC

 Anthony MillerMicro Metals, Inc. has purchased equipment for 40 years from differing specialized manufacturers.  When I first contacted Infrared Heating Technologies (IHT) in regard to a special drying furnace project, they immediately took note of my exacting requirements and quoted accordingly.  I highly recommend IHT simply because they work efficiently and intelligently from the very beginning of the project until project completion.  They have been wonderful to support the equipment as needed.  The quality and craftsmanship of the equipment is excellent!

Anthony Miller, Engineering Mgr. Micro Metals, Inc.

Nick AgostinelliTriumph Composite Systems (TCS) identified the need to increase our thermoplastic composite production rates while decreasing our cycle time. This required our engineering team to embrace new technologies. One of the processes that was in need of a new approach was our heating technology. The engineering team identified the heating cycle as a possibility to improve our cycle time. We approached several suppliers both domestic and foreign. After reviewing each suppliers approach, one supplier stood out from the rest with their technical ability, lead time and price, Infrared Heating Technologies. IHT was awarded the contract. The next several weeks required detailed technical conversations between IHT, TCS and the robotic integrator. The oven design was quickly finalized and manufacturing soon followed.  Like most companies TCS required an onsite equipment buy off.  The engineering team traveled to Oak Ridge Tennessee to perform the equipment acceptance testing. The IHT team was extremely helpful and knowledgeable; this was a key to the success of the equipment run off.  Over the next three days TCS and IHT were able to complete all testing and signed off the equipment.  Over the next several months there were questions that arose during further development.  The engineering team at IHT was able to address each request in a timely fashion. With the addition of the new ovens and other significant process improvements TCS was able to reduce cycle times by 75%!

Nick Agostinelli , Engineer Triumph Composite Systems