Composite Cure Ovens

Infrared Heating Technologies (IHT) manufactures Composite Cure Ovens custom designed for the customers’ specific requirement for out of autoclave composite curing. Composite cure ovens are available as medium wave electric infrared and electric infrared/convection combination. Composite cure ovens are used in aerospace, automotive, transportation, marine, and a host of other industries.

IHT Composite Cure Oven Features

  • Infrared Panel Heaters
  • Medium Wave Emitters
  • Multi-zone Controls
  • Batch System
  • Integrated Exhaust System
  • Data Collection and Trending
  • Integrated Controls

Side View Composite Tunnel Oven

Twenty zone medium wave panel infrared composite cure oven. Includes twenty four part thermocouples and SpecView control and trending software.

Composite Cure Batch Oven Infrared

Infrared Composite Cure Oven

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