Glass Processing Ovens

Glass Conveyor Oven Closed

Medium wave infrared oven and cooler. Includes low heat drying zone and controlled variable air flow cooler.

Infrared Heating Technologies designs and manufactures glass processing ovens and furnaces for automotive glass, architectural glass, solar and photovoltaic glass applications. Processes include drying coatings, curing coatings, sintering coatings, pre-heating, and glass sagging and forming.

Our glass processing ovens implement medium wave quartz tube heaters with internal reflectors for heating the glass from top and bottom, axial fan mixing fans for convective assisted heating, drag chain type driven roller conveyors, pneumatically actuated furnace doors, continuous and staging conveyor controls, forced air cooling sections, and fully integrated controls with PLC and HMI. Also includes a hydraulic lift system for ease of access to the hearth.

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