Client Showcase

For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to designing, engineering, and manufacturing the best thermal processing solutions available. Now, some of the world’s biggest brands trust Infrared Heating Technologies to provide the quality industrial ovens, industrial furnaces, and heaters we have spent years perfecting.

We are proud to have earned the experience and expertise required to provide these companies with the equipment needed to manufacture products used by people around the world. These companies are responsible for your transportation, the comfort and safety of your home, and the items and appliances you use every day.

IHT provides a wide variety of thermal processing solutions across many different industries – appliance, automotive, aerospace, building materials, composites, energy, pharmaceutical, textile, and more. Because our engineers and staff make customer satisfaction a top priority, we’re able to serve diverse industries by providing custom-built industrial ovens and other solutions that are made specifically for their needs.

Our dedication to customer service doesn’t stop there. IHT engineers work with our customers from original concept to CAD, electrical and mechanical drawings to fabrication, and final testing and run-off.
Engineers at IHT even offer trial runs for your parts to help determine the best thermal source and type of heating system for different products.

We are not satisfied with our products until our customers – and their customers – have exactly what they need.

Our systems are manufactured based on several different heating technologies, including gas infrared, electric infrared, electric and gas convection, and an infrared/convection combination. Whatever the application may be, IHT engineers work closely with our clients to determine the required thermal processing system based on production, space, operating temperature, energy source, and process requirements.

We take the responsibility of providing industrial ovens, furnaces, and heaters to these companies seriously – with our help, these companies can keep producing the exceptional products you’ve come to expect from these outstanding brands.