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IHT manufactures a full line of batch and conveyor direct natural gas industrial convection ovens for a variety of application.

Infrared Heating Technologies (IHT) Natural Gas Fired Industrial Convection Ovens

Industry Standards

• The National Fire Protection Association’s Standard NFPA 86 documents guidelines for the safe operation of industrial ovens and furnaces. IHT Ovens are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of this standard.

• Ovens and furnaces in which flammable volatiles or combustible materials are present in the work space are classified by NFPA 86 as Class A. Ovens and furnaces wherein no flammable volatiles or combustible materials are present are considered Class B. Due to the risk of fire or explosion, NFPA 86 requires specific safety equipment for all Class A ovens and furnaces.

Fuel gas fired ovens and furnaces also require the same safety equipment per Class A.

• Powered exhaust of capacity determined by burner size and solvent load present.

• Explosion relief of adequate area determined by oven or furnace volume.

• Explosion relief provided by doors for batch ovens.

• Explosion relief provided by open entrances and exits for in-line and conveyor style ovens

Air Circulation

• High volume circulation fan efficiently delivers heat to the oven work space.

• Belt driven fan design operates cooler for improved service life.

Gas Burner & Fuel Train

• Direct fired, modulating burner with direct coupled, digital actuated control valve.

• Flame rod for simple and reliable flame safety.

• Factory Mutual (FM) compliant fuel train including primary and redundant blocking valves and high and low gas pressure switches 


• NEMA 12 Enclosure with full voltage, lockable disconnects or breakers.

• Short circuit and overload protection.

• Digital, thermocouple actuated, temperature controller.

• FM Approved over temperature.

• Safety Interlock circuit, shuts oven down under the following conditions:

Over temperature condition.

Circulating fan failure (FM approved DP Switch).

Exhaust fan failure (FM Approved DP Switch).

Combustion blower failure (FM Approved DP Switch).

• Combustion blower(s), recirculation blowers, and exhaust blower(s) motor starters are also included in the safety circuit.

Two natural gas convection batch ovens.

Gas Industrial Convection Oven

Gas Industrial Convection Oven