Infrared/Convection Combination Heating

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Infrared Heating Technologies’ electric infrared/convection combination industrial oven and industrial furnace systems combine infrared heating elements with “plug” style plenum recirculation blowers for radiant/convective combination heating. These combination systems offer the fast, controllable, and efficient heating of electric infrared and the uniformity and air impingement assisted heating and drying of convection.

This combination heating technique has several features and related benefits over radiant only and convective only heating:

  • Fast Response
    The low thermal mass of the infrared element gives outstanding control of the heat output and process temperature.
  • High Heating Rates
    The high source temperature of the electric infrared heating element leads to high thermal transfer and fast heating.
  • Controllable Output
    Output of our electric infrared oven systems can be controlled precisely to match the temperature requirements of the process.
  • Uniform Heating
    The convection heating component leads to beter temperature uniformity than radaint only heating and improved heat transfer.
  • Clean Heating
    Electric heat source is environmentally clean and efficient.
  • High Heating Efficiencies
    Up to 88% of input electrical power is converted to radiant energy (heat). Final efficiencies are improved over IR alone or convection alone heating.