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Industrial Batch Oven And Industrial Batch Furnace Systems

Infrared Heating Technologies manufactures industrial batch oven and industrial batch furnace systems based on electric, direct fire gas, gas convection, electric convection, and even infrared and infrared/convection combination heating.

While “Infrared” is in our name, we are much more than an “infrared” heater company. We have been in the heater, oven, and furnace “design and build” business for almost twenty years, and our extensive experience with all kinds of thermal processing technologies makes us uniquely qualified to specify the correct equipment for your needs.

We manufacture standard and custom heater, oven, and furnace systems based on a variety of heating technologies including: Electric Rod Overbend (ROB), Electric Silicon Carbide, Electric Resistive Rod, Electric Infrared (Shortwave, Medium Wave, and Long Wave Infrared), Electric Convection, Electric Infrared/Convection Combination, Gas Catalytic Infrared, Direct Fire Gas, Gas Convection, and others.

The systems pictured below are just a few of the many industrial batch ovens and industrial batch furnaces we have designed and built. Processes include oxidizing, calcining, drying, stress relieving, tempering, annealing, curing, preheating, and others.

We are confident we can meet your needs. Please contact us today regarding your heat requirement.

Capabilities: We offer a wide variety of standard and custom batch oven and batch furnace systems for almost every heat processing application. We also provide automation, quench tanks, heated water quench tanks, paint quench systems, and other related industrial oven and furnace options.

Heat Sources: Batch oven and batch furnace systems are available in a variety of heat sources including infrared/convection combination, direct gas fire, gas fired convection, electric, electric convection, and other heat sources best suited to your process.

Infrared/Convection Combination Batch Ovens: These Industrial Oven Systems utilize electric radiant heating elements with convective re-circulating blowers or axial fan mixers fans for both radiant infrared and convection assisted heating. Advantages of combination heating systems include smaller physical size, higher efficiency, better temperature control, and reduced capital and operating costs.